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EDM1601 Smoke Meter

EDM1601 - Smoke Meter For Diesel Vehicles

Features :-


AutoZero ensures to zero before entering into the measurement mode thus ensuring accuracy of the data being measured.


Automatically performs leak-check before any measurement thus aiding user to identify leak if any. It also helps ensure accuracy of measurement.


Helps to switch on/off fans, heaters etc automatically after the respective functions are performed thus increasing the life of the instrument.


Checks various functional parameters like opacity, chamber temperature, oil temperature, RPM etc.


Switches off the display after 5 mins of inactivity thus reducing power consumption.


Equipped with an USB (as well as RS232) interface for easy communication. USB serves as a backup interface when RS232 interface fails. Moreover, present computers are not equipped with RS232 port.


Equipped with RPM sensors capable to measure RPM using Piezo/Battery/Acoustic/Vibration principles thus ensuring zero downtime.

Folded Geometry

Reduces the length of the smoke column by half its original length which makes the entire instrument compact and light-weighted.


Wireless remote based on bluetooth technology averts use of cables.


An optional wireless RPM sensor for smooth functioning.


Wireless dot-matrix printer for user-friendly operations.

Star Electronics Systems Remote

An android application to communicate between the instrument and any android mobile phone. App can be downloaded from Google PlayStore.


A Windows/Android application for vehicle emission tests. Emitso is 2way communication enabled thus helping operators use either the instrument or the PC while carrying out emission tests. Emitso can send SMS reminders to vehicle owners to renew their emission test certificate. Emitso can generate MIS reports for the use of PUC Centers.

Technical Specifications

Measured Parameters

Parameters Measurement Methodology Range Resolution Accuracy
Opacity (HU) Light absorption 0-99.99% 0.01%
Opacity (K) Light absorption 0-21.439m-1 0.001m-1 ±0.1m-1
RPM Piezo 0-6000 1 ±2%
Battery/Magnetic 0-6000 10 ±2%
OT RTD 0-150°C 1°C ±3°C

Other Specifications

Linearity ±0.1m-1
Repeatability ±0.1m-1
Zero/Span Drift ±0.1m-1
Response Time Physical: <0.4 sec
Electrical: <1 msec
Smoke Column 215mm long (430mm folded length)
Warmup Time (≥25°C) <1 min for electronics
<15 min for smoke column
Display Type Backlit LCD
Keyboard Membrane keypad (3x4)
Power Supply 12VDC ± 1.2V / 230VAC ±20%
Power Consumption 75W
Dimension 460 x 145 x 275mm
Weight 6kg
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